run mad as often as you choose; but do not faint

I love autumn, books, clouds, coffee, knitting, libraries, peppermint tea, sleep, the night sky & vegan cookies.

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I was tagged for this by gypsiesandpirates, (thank you!) Her blog is rather lovely, I thoroughly encourage you to have a scroll!

I’ve been terribly slow at responding to this but it’s a Sunday without work, I have a whole pot of coffee & a jug of almond milk & Patsy Cline is going ‘round on the record player. Let’s do this! :)

Rule 1: Post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag people & link them to your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Here’s my question answers:

1. Describe your ideal day trip, where would you go, who with etc.?

It would include coffee (all the best trips do), my friends & the countryside. Or the beach (in winter!)

2. Favourite Starbucks/coffee shop drink?

I tend to drink soy vanilla lattes from coffee shops. Although, if it’s horribly warm I can be tempted with a soy caramel coffee frappaccino (without the cream & buttery drizzle.)

3. Favourite Harry Potter book? (If you’ve not read them, shame on you!)

Man, this is hard. I think I’ll have to go with The Prisoner of Azkaban. I love Sirius & his introduction to the story was brilliant.

4. Tell me a good movie you’ve seen recently?

I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 t’other day & it was really good. Extremely funny but very sad. (I kinda love superhero films!)

5. Tell me a secret >:-)

I wish I was mysterious enough for secrets!

6. Do you have a tattoo or would you like one and where?

I don’t have one yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll happen. I’m thinking of celebrating a vegan anniversary with one.

7. Favourite alcoholic drink?

I’ll use alcohol in cooking (I’m looking at you, yummy French onion soup) but I don’t drink it.

8. Describe your favourite pair of shoes?

I’m always most comfortable barefoot, but my weekday-work chucks are pretty comfy.

9. Do you have any plans for easter and what easter egg would you most like to receive? :-)

Later we’re having Easter fun at my sister’s house - secret bunny, piñata hitting (!) & yummy food eating.

10. If you could change one thing about your personality what would it be?

I’d like to be better at ‘speaking my truth, calmly & clearly’. Sometimes I struggle with social situations & I feel like I fail at speaking up for my beliefs, & for the animals.

11. If you were in LOTR would you be an elf, a hobbit or an ent?

Confession: I have never read (or watched) The Lord of the Rings.

Here are my questions:

1. Do you have favourite quotation?

2. What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

3. What’s your favourite season?

4. The zombie apocalypse strikes (it doesn’t have to be zombies necessarily, it could be a generic apocalypse): would you rather die in the first wave or be alive in a post apocalyptic world?

5. Are you late for things or early for things?

6. What do you like most about yourself?

7. What’s the last thing you baked?

8. If you got to change something, what would it be?

9. Log fires or sunbathing?

10. When was the last film you saw at the cinema? (& was it any good?)

11. Favourite superhero?

I’m gonna tag some lovely tumblr folk whom I follow: brawllyparton (her blog is full of wonderful body positivity + coffee!), grimdarkfandango
(my lovely knitting friend who keeps my dash well stocked with Marvel related goodness), barefoot-home (who is full of vegan inspiration & liked The Goldfinch as much as I did!) & kmairia, sianmichaela & tomistylertron (my lifelong coffee buddies.)

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Anonymous asked: where are you from? :)

Oooo! I’m pretty sure this is my first anonymous ask! 

Anyhow, I live in rural Leicestershire (which, for non British people, is right in the middle of England.)